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Hi my name is Graeme Waterfield and at the beginning of October 2020 I moved to Glastonbury where I am now based offering Tai Chi, Chi Gung & Meditation classes predominantly online to people from all walks of life and all over the world. I have been training students since 2005 and I'm extremely passionate about the practices of Tai Chi, Meditation & Yoga, and continue to practcie them myself everyday for creating a healthy, peaceful and vibrant state of being. I have been practicing these arts for over 25 years and love helping students start and deepen into their own healing journey. I have an easy going but professional approach to teaching, with a prime focus on well being, spirituality and health. I have a wide range of practices to help you start or deepen into these arts, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student.

Infinfte Tai Chi

Infinite Tai Chi & Qi Gung classes are the mosy powerful tools for stepping into your own magnificence I have found, where as traditionally Tai Chi has more of a martial arts focus & application. My Tai Chi and Chi Gung focuses more on empowering, releaasing blockages and awakening the physical, emotional and mental bodies for a powerful and embodied experience of your own potential. Whether working on improving physical, emotional and mental health or working towards a greater experience of your own personal growth these classes are for you.


As these classes are online you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home through YouTube Live & Zoom. So whether you are interested in simply having more happiness and inner peace or whether you're interested in personal transformation, these classes are for you.


Coming also from a Yoga background the philospohy of these practices have their routes in both Eastern Wisdom Traditions and Western Psychology. My classes are very much for people wanting to learn Energy work as a method of trancending limitation.

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