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Next group starts Thursday 25th January 2024
from 7-9pm GMT for 8 weeks
1 - 1 sessions also available

Master Your Sexual Energy is for men who want to:

  • Connect to their innate power and reach their fullest potential

  • Have more energy, vibrant health and focus

  • Find/grow their self esteem and confidence

  • Learn how to transmute and take back control of their sexual self

  • Become greater lovers and have their dream relationship

  • Find harmony in the sexual and spiritual aspects of their being

  • Learn how to channel sexual energy to manifest abundance in all forms

Whats included:

  • Coaching support to show you how to have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your sexual energy and how to channel it into creating your better intimate relationships and life

  • An exploration of Tantric and Taoist practices & philosophies

  • 8 week journey of master classes teaching you how to use sexual energy to open up your greatest self

  • Techniques to help you become a more vibrant and empowered individual.

  • A catalogue of material for self learning including Tantric Meditations, Solo Practice, Tantric Yoga and Qi Gung

Use this link below to book, or email me if you would like a call to find out if this is right you. 

Sexual energy and working with it in a conscious way is an essential part of spiritual practice for many of us.

For a long time, sexual energy has been kept in the shadows, both in society, and even more so in the arena of religion and spirituality

However, in a few of the ancient traditions of Tantric Taoism and Yoga, a small flame was kept burning. Tantric traditions noticed that sexual energy cultivated and used appropriately, enhanced our experience of living, and was seen as a necessary spoke on the wheel of living a powerful life.

When we bring sexual energy out of the shadows, we literally bring it into the light.

During this course you will get a chance to explore this sacred energy within your own being.

I will introduce you to powerful Tantric meditation, Yoga, Qi Gung and solo practices so that you can experience this incredible energy in the laboratory of your own being.


As someone who has been on their own jounrey with sexual energy, from feeling deeply guilty about having it, being troubled with premature ejaculation, experiencing erectile disfunction for a year or so in my mid 40's and going through porn addiction. I've found my way though so many issues around male sexuality and can bring this understading to the training.

Over the 8 week course I will guide you in how to use various practices to work with this energy more consciously. 

You will learn how to refine and transmute this energy to create deeper pleasure, more fulfilling intimate relationships and this will positively influence your whole life. 


When working with this energy consciously, you will learn how to refine and transmute it to create a more incredible life. These practices will expand your potential and your consciousness, opening aspects of your being which may have been laying dormant. Cultivating sexual energy appropriately, on the physical level will also give you more confidence, presence and self control.

Whether you’re celibate, single, dating or in a relationship, this course will give you tools and new skills sets which I have found effective over the last 30 years of studying this pathway. 

This is an online course and will be conducted on Zoom. There will be a mix of practices, teaching and Q and A. Any self practice will either be offered as homework or done during the break off the zoom session. In this course there is no nudity or sexual group practice. 

Book your place on the group course. (Payment plans also available)

There is also an option to do this programme on a 1-1 basis. 

Click on this link for both options. 

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