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Forgetting yourself is that path

This ‘I’ can be so tricky, so we sit down to meditate and we wonder what am ‘I’ going to get out of this, or we have a powerful experience and think wow ‘I’ have transcended the self or ‘I’ have lost the self, or ‘I’ have had an ego death … and so the tension remains. Many of us may even spend a few years trying to make this ‘I’ spiritual, and all to no avail, as the tension of self still remains.

But then when we are not doing something we deemed as spiritual, we may not notice that transcendence is very natural. Sometimes when that perfect piece of music hits on the dance floor, or your laughing with your lover or friend uncontrollably.

In those moments we don’t think ‘I’ am really enjoying this or ‘I’ am getting something for this. If you do you might notice that the experience suddenly leaves or is replaced by something lesser.

This forgetting of self is called samadhi is Sanskrit, when the joy of the experience dissolves the neurotic tension of the experiencer, of ‘I.’

When we can live life predominantly from this samadhi state, not all wrapped up in the concept of ‘I,’ living with joy, life itself becomes blissful and eveything we do is a call to dissolve, to be happy.

Spirituality really is the disolving of the idea of ‘me’, not a rejection or suppression of it but a dissolving of it, an opening to bliss, which turns life itself, you morning tea or the next conversation you have into something much more beautiful.

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