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Unity consciousness

When we see something painful it gives us a chance to look at ourselves more fully, to see what appears from the depths of the unconscious level of our mind and being in response to it.

And as our soul awareness grows and evolves we start to see we have a choice, to react unconsciously with hatred, fear and the reptilian brains fight or flight mechanism. Or to pause and sit with our reactive nature for a while, waiting for the dust to settle untill we can respond with wisdom from the more evolved and human aspects of the mind or neo cortex.

And this is why we need meditation and mindfulness practices to literally re-wire ourselves to the more evolved and conscious areas of thinking and reacting.

Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge as I see great Intellectuals acting like egoic children in their arguing with each other and their absolute attachment to the need to be right. Instead wisdom is the ability to self regulate, to approach life with a type of innocence and wonder.

Our true nature is like light, when the sun looks out at the planets around it they seem full of light, colour and beauty. But this is the suns own light reflected back to it as those planets have no light of their own.

Stillness is often the best remedy for unity, for compassion and for healing, as silence allows us to listen to a knowing beyond the limitations of the pre programmed mind.

Silence is where you can find yourself again, and find that that same silence is a place of pure consciousnesses which exists in all other beings.

This inner silence is the place in which all ideas of separation are seen as the illusion, the only place I believe, where true and lasting unity can be fostered and found.

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