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Valentines Love Temple 

An evening retreat for you and your partner 

With Sarah Rose Bright & Graeme Waterfield, 7-9.30pm GMT, 17th Feb 2024

Join us for the Valentines Love Temple for an evening of quality time, deep intimacy and relaxation with your partner.  One of the biggest challenges for couples today is creating time to be together. With the pace and fullness of life, it can be the thing that doesn’t happen as regularly as couples, instead meeting at the end of the day when you are exhausted on the couch watching Netflix! 

The Valentines Love Temple is committing time to be each other away from the distractions of life. We’re going to guide you through a series of beautiful practices so that you can deeply relax and connect with each other including:


  • Practices to deepen presence and connection

  • Chi Gung for couples

  • A delicious game where you get to share your love with each other  


You will leave with simple yet profound practices that you can

continue toexplore together. After the event we will send you

a copy of these and theyare practices that you can explore for life! 


You will only work with your partner and any practices that you

are do will be in the privacy of your own home, with your cameras

and microphones off.There will be some space where we will

invite sharing but this is only if youchoose. 


There is something so special about being part of a group of

couples and lovers who have are committed to exploration and love. 

Whether you havebeen in relationship for decades, you’re just

starting out together or you arelovers, whether you have gone to

couples workshops before or this is totally new to you, you are

welcome to join us.  All sexual orientations and all genders welcome.



“Chris and I loved the workshop and were moved to tears… You and Graeme create something really special together – humble, real and powerful big thank you XX.” 

Bex & Chris


HOW TO BOOK (click on option)




There are two ticket prices for this event and we leave it to you to self select according to your financial ability.  Lower rate places are limited so please be mindful in your choice.



RECORDING - This event will NOT be recorded.


BOOKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL -  When you book, you will receive an email with all the information you need. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam/junk folder before contacting us.  If you have any questions, please check the email before contacting us as it may well answer your question.


BURSARY PLACES - There are 3 tickets available on a pay what you can basis for those who genuinely cannot afford the ticket. These are available on a first come first served basis.


Contact us :                 to arrange, specifying the event. 


A NOTE ON REFUNDS: There are NO refunds. If you cannot make it, you can give/sell your ticket to someone else however you must let us know the name of the person taking your ticket. We will not let anyone into the Zoom meeting who is not on our list.






Hi! We’re Graeme and Sarah and we have been in a committed relationship for 5 years. Before we met, we spent decades on our own paths, healing and growing and learning about relationships, sometimes painfully.  For both of us, we are in the relationship we dreamed of, and knew in the depths of our heart that was possible. 


It hasn’t always been easy and as we have navigated through the highs and the lows of being together, we have seen firsthand the tools and the ways of being which help us to  come back to our own hearts and to create partnership of respect, radical honesty, playfulness and ever deepening love and pleasure. And yes, sex gets better and better!


We weave together decades of study and teaching to inspire couples to deepen their intimacy, love and pleasure through conscious relating, energetic practices, Chi Gung and meditation, Taoism and Tantra and modern sexology.  Teaching together, we are known for being grounded, inspirational and playful. Our next couples programme INTIMACY starts in March 2024. Contact us for more info. 

Sarah Rose Bright is a Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, Gene Keys guide and host of the Love, Sex & Intimacy podcast. She help's women & couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy so that their lives can thrive.


Graeme Waterfield is a teacher and coach in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung & Meditation, Soul Connection and Sexual Energy Mastery for Men. 

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